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The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

116 Umberger
1612 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Healthy Food Financing

The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative is a healthy food financing program that aims to increase access to healthy food in low-resource and underserved areas of Kansas. 

Loans, grants, and loan/grant mixes are available for KHFI-eligible projects. 

  • Loan/grant funding mixes have 15% grant funding, with grant caps dependent on total request.
  • Grant-only funding requests may be awarded for smaller requests, with a maximum of $15,000, or as a part of a larger funding package where the grant request amount will not exceed 2% of the total project with a maximum request of $50,000.

KHFI-Eligible Projects:

Eligible food retail projects must expand healthy food retail offerings in low-resource, underserved areas and fit local community needs. Potentially eligible projects include grocery stores, co-ops, farmers markets, production and distribution operations.  

All projects submitted to KHFI are reviewed to determine whether the project meets KHFI programmatic goals.  This eligibility determination is the first step of the process.  Please click on the link below and provide us with some basic information about your project to start the eligibility review process.  Eligibility does not guarantee funding.

Part of the initial review of this project includes a check for "Community Fit."  Please share who your community partners are for this project.  Community partners may include economic developers, local leaders, financial institutions, or philanthropic foundations.

These partners will be contacted within the next 2 weeks.

If project cost is not available, type N/A.