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The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

116 Umberger
1612 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Program Details

The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative (KHFI) provides both technical assistance and funding to improve access to healthy food in Kansas. Read on to learn more about our technical assistance offerings, review the basics of KHFI funding, and find links to get started on both.

Technical Assistance

KHFI specializes in information related to the food system in Kansas and across the country. Technical assistance is a free resource available to all.

What types of technical assistance are available? 

  • Funding options for grocery store improvements
  • Business development resources
  • Wholesale distribution contacts
  • Produce and food safety
  • Food access information for media outlets
  • Point of sale and technology questions
  • Food policy council connections
  • Connections with other stakeholder groups and/or projects happening in your area

Send an email to start a conversation with KHFI about healthy and/or rural food access in your community.


KHFI provides funding to increase access to healthy food in low-resource and underserved areas of Kansas at the retail level.

KHFI provides funding in the form of loan/grant funding mixes, which are made up of 15% grant funding and 85% loan financing, with grant caps dependent on total request.

*As of August 2022, KHFI's small grant funding program (grants up to $15,000) is no longer available.*

Eligible projects must expand healthy food offerings in low-resource, underserved areas at the retail level and fit local community needs. Potentially eligible projects may include grocery stores, co-ops, farmers' markets, production, and distribution operations. To learn more about eligibility, review the KHFI Guidebook (pdf), which is also available in Spanish, KHFI Guía (pdf).

All projects submitted to KHFI are reviewed to determine whether the project meets KHFI programmatic goals. This eligibility determination is the first step of the funding application process. To start the eligibility review process, click the link below and provide some basic information about your project. Eligibility does not guarantee funding.

Check the eligibility of your project here.