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The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

324 Nichols Hall
702 Mid-Campus Drive South
Manhattan, KS 66506

Program Details

Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative provides technical assistance and funding for improved access to healthy food through business development and informational support for communities.

Technical assistance

The KHFI team specializes in information related to the food system in Kansas and across the country.  KHFI technical assistance providers bring years of experience of working with rural communities and grocery to achieve rural food access solutions.  Recent work in urban areas has enhanced our expertise in urban projects across Kansas.

  • Technical assistance is available to all who request information about food access, regardless of geographic location
  • Initial contact is typically made in 24 hours or less

What types of technical assistance are available?

  • After receiving a technical assistance inquiry, the KHFI Team will set up a call with you about your technical assistance needs which could include information about:
    • Funding options for grocery store improvements
    • Business development resources
    • Wholesale distribution contacts
    • Produce and food safety
    • Food access information for media outlets
    • Point-of-sale and technology questions
    • Food policy council connections
    • Connections with other stakeholder groups and/or projects happening in your area
    • Other miscellaneous questions related to the food system.
  • After the call, information resources will be gathered and provided to you by email, usually within one week
  • Multiple inquiries are welcome.  As communities work through projects, additional follow-up to connect you with information resources is available

Please click on the link below to request technical assistance. 

Request technical assistance


  • Loans, grants, and loan/grant mixes are available to projects that increase the retail availability of healthy food to low-resources communities in Kansas that are underserved by healthy food retail. 
  • The KHFI is designed to be primarily a lending program. However there are opportunities for loan/grant mixes or grant only requests.
  • Loan/grant funding mix have 15% grant funding, with grant caps dependent on total request.
  • Grant  only funding requests may be awarded for smaller requests, with a maximum of $15,000, or as a part of a larger funding package where the grant request amount will not exceed 2% of the total project with a maximum request of $50,000.


Eligible food retail projects must expand healthy food offerings in low-resource, underserved neighborhoods and fit local community needs. Grocery chains, neighborhood food and grocery stores, co-ops, farmers markets, production and distribution operations, and other food projects are eligible. Applicant eligibility for underserved and low-resource areas is determined during the eligibility review. All applicants are strongly encouraged to accept SNAP and WIC benefits. 

Please click on the link below and provide us with some basic information about your project to determine eligibility for the Kansas Healthy Food Initiative.  Eligibility does not guarantee funding.

Check the eligibility of your project

KHFI Process Graphic

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