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The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative

Center for Engagement and Community Development
Kansas State University

324 Nichols Hall
702 Mid-Campus Drive South
Manhattan, KS 66506


Technical Assistance and Program Eligibility Intake Form

The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative (KHFI) is a program that provides loans and grants, and technical assistance, for projects increasing access to healthy foods in low- to moderate-income, underserved areas throughout Kansas.

Applying for financing from the KHFI is a two-step process.

  • First, an applicant must complete this Intake Form to determine whether the proposed site and project meet program goals.
  • If deemed eligible, applicants will be notified as to whether they are invited to continue the process with an Application for Financing.

Please note
Funding is subject to available sources within this program at the time of consideration. We encourage applicants to review KHFI Guidelines (pdf).


Primary contact information
Applicant information

Assistance requested

Technical Assistance

Project description


Increased consideration will be given for meeting the following criteria: local hiring and living wages, local, sustainable sourcing, energy efficiency, sound land use & historic preservation, collaboration with other community initiatives, and geographic diversity.


Enter the business/organization's full-time equivalent, or FTE, employees rounded to the nearest whole number (e.g., If a business has 100 employees working full time and 50 working part time at 20 hours per week, total FTE would be 125). 


If the business/organization reported sales at the end of the last fiscal or calendar year, please provide the sales and profit information below. If the business is new, please provide projected sales for the upcoming year end. 

If yes, please send detailed explanation to khfi@k-state.edu.


How community partners will be involved in this project. 

Funding information

The loan and grant funding parameters are outlined below.

Please note
KHFI funding mix of loans and grants will be determined by the funding partners. Eligible projects will receive an invitation to apply for funding. Determinations of amount and structure of funding package will be made based on project type, size, risk level, and community impact. Priority will be given to funding requests that have no more than 25% grant to loan ratio. Funding awarded will reflect costs  that accurately reflect the scope of the proposed project. 

Loan Parameters

  • $10,000 to $2.5 million

  • Terms: 1 to 15 years at 5% to 6.5% interest

  • No prepayment penalty

  • No appraisals necessary

  • Flexible structure

  • Flexible project types and use of funds 

Grant funding
  • $5,000-$100,000
  • Preference will be given to grants received in combination loan/grant packages where grant percentage does not exceed 25%
  • May be awarded to eligible applicants.  

  • Limits are in place for the amount of grant funding.


Please note: All other funds being provided for this project must be verified before execution of any KHFI loan and/or grant. 

*Examples of type: Debt, grant, equity, other tax credits, etc.
**To establish how soon the project can begin, please use the following categories:

Dispersed: Funds have been given to the borrower and distributed for use.
Committed: Borrower has received a legally binding commitment from lender.
Term sheet: Financing is contingent on approval and verification of assumptions; the lender is not yet legally bound.
Application pending: Borrower has submitted a request for financing but not yet received a decision. Estimate: An informal, preliminary estimate of available funds.
Other: Please explain

Other information


Upon approval of this proposal for funding, the applicant organization agrees to supply information on an annual basis to one or more KHFI Partner Organizations*. Data collected may include, but is not limited to, profit/ loss, revenue, and jobs. Data will be de-identified prior to sharing outside the KHFI Partner Organizations.


*KHFI partner organizations include The Kansas Health Foundation, Kansas State University, NetWork Kansas, The Food Trust and IFF. 


As part of the eligibility determination, references will be contacted to determine community support for this project. Upon notification of funding, information regarding the community, project, amount of funding, funding type, and uses will be made publicly available. General information regarding the demographics of the community, statement of project need, community impact, project development, and lessons learned may be compiled to create case study reports that will be made publicly available.



By typing my name below, I hereby certify that I am an authorized representative of the Applicant organization with full authority to cause the completion and submission of this application; that the information submitted in this application and/or its attachments is a true and accurate representation of the project; and that the Applicant understands that it has a continuing obligation to amend and/or supplement the information provided in this application if any of the material facts represented herein change prior to the closing and funding of any financing requested here under. I also authorize KHFI Partner Organizations to obtain information related to this financing request, including but not limited to, relevant financial or historical information about the Applicant, its principals or affiliates.

The project leader has reviewed the completed proposal and agrees with response provided by themselves or the applying organization. By typing his/her initials, the business/organization's primary owner agrees with the contents of this proposal. 


Submissions are confirmed with a green success message. If the success message does not appear, please scroll up and correct any errors.